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FreeRealEstateFeed.com provides a free real estate RSS feed containing properties located around the world. We also allow agents, brokers, MLSs, and others to submit their RSS XML feeds to update the FreeRealEstateFeed.com's feed for free.

On July 1, 2011, the RSS feed from Google Base Real Estate was no longer accessible and there were no free RSS feeds available for real estate properties.

As such, our goal is simple: to provide a replacement to Google Base Real Estate's feed.

On July 10, 2011, only 10 days after Google Base shutdown its service, FreeRealEstateFeed.com went online to provide a free real estate site which accepts real estate feeds and provides a simple interface for web sites to query the unified contents of all feeds submitted.

FreeRealEstateFeed.com supports all Google Base Real Estate attributes as defined in Google Base Housing - US guide. While FreeRealEstateFeed.com is upwardly compatible with Google Base Real Estate, FreeRealEstateFeed.com has added additional fields and attributes, such as garage size, security deposit, and the "For Lease" attribute. FreeRealEstateFeed.com also supports an easier to use, faster, and more powerful API based on the SQL SELECT statement.

While we would prefer to see Google reverse their decision and bring Google Base Real Estate back online, FreeRealEstateFeed.com is being offered as its replacement.

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